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Synopsis: This is a cautionary tale. A seriously disturbed couple find the charming, old ruin of a Queen Anne Victorian in Russellville, Arkansas, and buy it for $1.00. They tore the roof off, cut it in half, and had it moved to some land they owned sixteen miles away because they didn't know any better. Since then, they have hired and fired contractors, had all of their tools stolen, re-wired, re-plumbed, insulated, and essentially rebuilt the entire house. Their only problem is that after four years it still isn't finished. Now they are tired, broke, and wonder what in the hell it is they've done to themselves. And, it's haunted.
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Friday, April 29, 2005

Despair, Enter Left of Stage

This last week was an awful week.

After a close examination of things, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we'd nearly maxed out our budget on this project. We have enough money to have all the siding put on and (maybe) have both of the fireplaces built. That still leaves us without central heat & air and without anything to close in the crawlspace.

When I say "maxed out our budget," I don't mean that as in our original budget. We passed that by months and tens-of-thousands-of-dollars ago. What I mean is that if we put more money into the house we'll have spent more than the old whore is worth according to the bank's As-If appraisal. Personally, we thought that the bank's appraiser low-balled the appraisal, but, if that is the gospel according to them, that is what you have to work with.

So, we spent most of the week wallowing in despair and mashing our heads against the wall trying to figure out how we are going to make this all work. We think that we have a plan for now, so now all have to do is see if we can make it all work out.

If you'd like to support us in this idiot effort of ours, there are a few options for you. The simplest thing would be clicking on any of the ads at the bottom of the page. For every so many hundred clicks we get a penny (or something like that) from Adsense. Or, you can buy any of the items that we have for sale on eBay. Currently, we are working our way through our storage room and all the crap we have hidden away in our parents' attics. So far we've sold shoes, toys, games, comic books, Boy Scout badges, and other items. Or, you can donate to this project by clicking on the "Donate" button on the left side bar. If that violates your strongly ingrained sense of the Protestant Work Ethic, go to to buy my art or to commission a painting from me. I will paint for money (or barter).

And, if nothing else, wish us some good luck, or a speedy, painless death. I'm not sure which we need most.


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