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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man of Many Obsessions

Weather like this, warm with bright blue skies and lazy clouds, always makes me restless. It hardly seems fall, I missed the inaugural day. I didn't even think of it until the Harvest Moon fixed its maniac orb upon me.

The problem is I am a man of many obsessions. When I was young, I thought this a great asset. As an eccentric and well-heeled great-aunt said, "You are quite a Renaissance Man." It made me ridiculously proud at the time. Now, these obsessions are a bother, a distraction. They wash over me, consume me for a year or more, and then I move on to a fresh, new something.

The Devil Queen and the attending old house fever burned itself out at last. As Scarlet said, "You're done with houses, and you've been done with them for quite a while." Three years was more than enough to sate my taste for old wood and raw work. As we creep up on Year Four in Our Time of Woe, I'm afraid this utter lack of interest will not save me.

Our collective lives are choked by this bloody queen. To win freedom, we must finish our sad showing before we send her to the gallows. And, the weather turns against us. It's rained nearly every day, excepting today, since I bought all of our Watertight. The sun sets far too soon. Halogen lamps and pressure washing are not compatible from safety's perspective. Work winds down at sundown. If it were dry and the copperheads not too inquisitive, some painting might be done.

Our to-do list doesn't seem too oppressive compared to what came before now. However, with winter marching like a bloody-minded army, our work may grind down before we'd wish.

So, our now habitual dance shall continue. The struggle, stupid and bloody, shall continue. What I'd really like to do is paint some pictures, read some books at my leisure, and go sailing.

P.S. If I ever manage to remember to down the pictures from my camera, I will post some pictures of the Watertight on the house. It looks quite good, even with just one coat.

Also, the time for the 2007 Dumbass Award nears. I fear that I am a contender this year. Hopefully, someone will go for the gold and overshadow my nomination with a orgy of nudity, urine, a Santa Claus suit and blood-thisty pets. If that seems improbable, you need to go and read the archives.

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Blogger Sandy said...

I am so sorry you have fallen out of love with the Queen. So sad. She's a beautiful seductress...

12:04 PM  
Anonymous mindy said...

I just wanted to sympathize - I've got a similar tendency to become obsessed with one hobby or another, then get totally bored with it a few months later. And ater almost 3 years the Fixer-Upper has definitely fallen out of favor as my obsession of choice.... hence the lack of progress and posting!

8:59 AM  
Anonymous King Street Farm said...

Pass the Kool-Aid Mr. Jones,

- King Street Farm

8:28 AM  
Blogger John said...

"She's a beautiful seductress . . ." who's ridden me hard and put me up wet.

Thanks, really. I don't feel like such a pariah now.

King Steet,


11:00 AM  
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