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Friday, April 16, 2010


I just paid the final bill for the repairs to the flooded rent house. I haven't totaled up all the receipts yet, but I'm guessing that final figure is well north of $5,000.00 for the project. For this nominal sum, I was able to replace about 500 square feet of sub-floors, carpet, and vinyl. It also covered a new bathtub-shower, three interior doors, some drywall, new trim, and a dumpster to haul all the trash away. Oh, and all the plumbing (including all the faucets) were replaced too. It turns out the freeze was much worse than we originally thought. And, the final figure includes labor too; aside from some demo, I didn't do jack. I'm okay with that.

That being said, I think that once I finish up finals in couple of weeks, this house is going to go up for sale. I think I've overdosed on home improvement for the foreseeable future.

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Blogger Tarr said...

Yeah. Well probably isn't worth a coronary.

If you change your mind and want some freelance work on the tiny cabin, let me know.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Griff said...

Sorry to hear about the flood damage. I know how bad that can be! One more experience of rental properties to put under your belt! HOpe it goes well!

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Allison said...

Sorry to hear about the damage. My sister had something similar happen and the bill was higher...maybe that helps, maybe not. Such is the world of home improvement.

8:30 PM  
Blogger The Whiskeratti said...

Bet you're glad it's all done now! And as a still newbie-homeowner, may I just say that your story terrified the stuffing out of me?

4:56 AM  
Anonymous cheap kitchens said...

ohh! Sorry to hear about your damage! I think you should calculate your estimate and budget. I hope it would be worth on your Home improvement.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Doris said...

Good stuff here! I like hearing your perspective on things.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man! I know the frustration you must be feeling. We had a completely finished basement, or so we thought, we had a decent down poor, but nothing crazy, and our entire basement flooded!!!!!!!

I wasn't even going to try to fix it up so my wife and I just called Fortune Restoration, a premier painting and restoration company.

Anyway, good luck with everything, I'll be back to follow your progress

Good Luck!

1:15 PM  
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Anonymous Dear Hunny Bunny said...

I can feel your pain. Just when you think everything is said and done...

9:06 AM  

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