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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kodak Z740

Shauna, since you asked, the camera I decided on buying is a Kodak Z740.

The camera alone costs about $300.00 plus tax. It comes with a USB cable (to directly upload pictures from the camera to computer), a docking mount (to hook the camera directly into a picture printer), a battery (non-rechargeable), software, owners manual, lens cap, and carrying strap.

I also bought a 1 GB memory card which cost $80.00. There are smaller sized cards if price is a concern. In my opinion, bigger is better with the cards. Depending on the resolution you choose for the photos, a 1 GB card will hold 600-1200 photos. The camera will work fine without a memory card, but you won't be able to take too many pictures before having to delete or download them. The camera has 32 MB of built-in memory which gives you 17-43 pictures.

This camera (all digital cameras for that matter) is a battery hog. New batteries cost between $10-$20. For $20.00 I got a rechargeable battery, a charger, and two plug-ins (one for standard wall outlet and one for a car cigarette lighter). I think that this was a much more cost effective investment.

I've had my camera less than a week, but so far I'm totally satisfied with it. The software is easy to use, and it worked correctly the first time I installed it. The camera's setup is user friendly too.

The camera has some bonus features I haven't used yet. This would include streaming video and custom photo settings (manual control, night shots, etc).

The one thing I wish I had is a camera bag. I'll probably be picking one of those up in the next couple of weeks. Most cost about $20.00 and up.

If you don't care for the Kodak, Nikon and Olympus are some reliable brands too (my wife really likes Nikon). Pentax is a good brand too but I don't know if they are in the digital camera market. Their 35 mm film cameras are a good buy.

Hope I've been some help. Good luck.


Anonymous Shauna said...


Thanks so much for all that info.
If this model takes the SD type memory cards, I'm in luck because I happen to have a 256MB one already that I never use for much. I bought a new computer and monitor a few months ago when there were a lot of sales going on at the time (buy this model and get a free printer, MP3 player, whatever crap they wanted to blow out, etc.), except that the one I wanted had no such deal attached. Since the computer cost quite a bit, and I was also buying a nice Sony LCD monitor and a few other things, I decided to press 'Super Dave' (I swear to God that was what his name tag said!) for a deal.
I figured the memory card was a good item to push for, because I could use it with my Palm. I also got him to throw in a 1GB jump drive.

It sounds like you're happy with the camera, and that it's not too difficult to use, with some good features. I just know that I probably wouldn't be happy with the quality of the really low-priced ones I see advertised, and, like your wife said, it's definitely better to spend $100 more than you'd like to and get something that you'll be very satisified with and that more than fits what you think your requirements will be. The fact that your wife also has a good background in photography tells me she wouldn't let you buy a piece of crap, either!

I'm just working on the beginnings of my own house blog, and I hope to join the ring soon. I've been an avid reader since the beginning (reading houseinprogress even before that). Until I get the coveted camera, I'll probably do some back-tracking of completed work using the 'analog' photos I do have kicking around.

Thanks again for some really thorough information, not to mention the thrill of having a blog post directed for my benefit! (thanks, it's a first). I already feel welcome in this community.

By the way, my husband and I howled over your post about midnight shopping at WalMart. You get my vote for the 'Carl Hiassen of the houseblogsphere' award.

I'll be sure to let you know when I go live.

9:41 PM  
Blogger John said...

My pleasure, glad I could help.

6:10 AM  

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