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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crawling to the Finish Line

The three-day weekend was nice. Aside from catching up on sleep and doing some fancy cooking, we didn't do anything too monumental. Well, there was one exception. We actually talked about working on the Devil Queen, specifically the dining room floor. This included a brief discussion of the pros and cons to laying a new wood floor over the old pine one. Even with us doing the installation, it would cost roughly $700 to $800 for a new floor. Having Kenny do it would cost roughly $1200. Refinishing the current one with a generous amount of wood-putty and patching would cost us roughly $250 (after we decided to disallow the cost of a knee replacement as a "construction cost"). We chose the cheapest route to finished.

Lots of prep-work will be needed. Bummer. Maybe I'll start on it tomorrow?

You know me, I just can't find enough excuses for crawling around on my knees, the harder the floor the better.

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Blogger EGE said...

Are you by any chance home right this very second? The Dirty Jobs guy is going to move a 225 year-old house!

I know you're not into him like I am (you couldn't possibly be into him like I am, that would be weird, what with your wife and child and everything) but I thought you might be interested anyway...

Sorry to comment off topic, but it's an emergency -- I have to get back to the television!

12:12 PM  
Blogger Jason & Heather said...

you need to get some knee pads!! I bought a pair for redoing our floors but where I really get the most use out of them is every time I have to crawl under the damn house. They are a life saver!

I saw that episode last night, it was pretty cool. I've always wanted to write to that show and have him come out and help me for a day or two, I've been just as dirty as he has if not more.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Perfect timing! Just as M and I begin our consideration of our floor we get to watch you work on yours (and then decide whether we want to deal with the pain of it all).

Good luck brave devil queeners.

8:03 AM  

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