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Monday, October 23, 2006


It’s funny how a seemingly innocuous task can snowball into something much larger in a matter of minutes.

Silly me, I thought finding the light fixture we’re planning to install over the bathroom sink would be relatively straight forward. Eight hours later the entire front bedroom (our de facto storage room) had been completely reorganized, eight bags of trash were stacked at the curb, and an entire wood pile was moved, resorted, and restacked. And, yes, we did find the light. We also found three light fixtures that we didn’t know we had (we didn’t buy or salvage them – where did they come from?!) and a door. I know it seems improbable that you could actually loose a door; most people satisfy themselves by misplacing hammers or screw drives but not us. We think big.

Anyhow, the whole process is yet another classic example of how you don’t always end up doing what you planned, but you can still legitimately call it progress.

And, according to our most recent poll numbers, only 11% of our readership has been permanently scarred by our Devil Queen experience. Fortunately, I don’t think those numbers are high enough for anyone to credibly blame us for the alleged slow down in the housing market.

So, if any of you are new readers with an unconsummated love for old, decrepit houses, proceed at your own risk. You may never be the same again.

On the upside, one person claimed that we actually inspired them to start their own houseblog. That has to balance out our karma in some fashion, no?

There probably isn’t a real correlation, but I have to wonder: does it mean that five people have to be turned-off from the DIY old home experience to produce one new houseblogger?


Anonymous Jason said...

LOL, I did the same thing last night. It started off with me trying to get the cabinet that will house the microwave preped and ended 5 hours later with the reorganization of our entire living room (our storage room).

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Loving those extra light fixtures. What a bonus!

9:54 AM  

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