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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Long Haul and Then Some

We didn't get too much construction work done over the weekend. Charlie and I plumbed the tub drain and the sink rough-ins in the master bath Saturday morning. Then, my wife recruited us to help her sort wood and clean up the construction site before the remnants of hurricane Rita showed up.

My powers of self observation are pretty weak. I know that I am a pack-rat by nature, but I never noticed what a trashy person I am before this weekend. There are some pack-rats that horde everything, but they are organized. They have a system. All the rubber bands are wadded into a giant ball in the top drawer in the kitchen cabinet next to the stove.

Not me. Not only to do I not have a system, I don't even horde useful items. Apparently, at some early point in our undertaking, I was deeply concerned that we wouldn't have enough splintered, cracked, or warped wood to finish the Queen. I think we've all had a project where we really needed a three foot long 2x4, warped into a bow, cracked down the middle with a splintered end and we just couldn't find one. "Damn it! There just isn't enough bad wood to finish this house! We're screwed!"

It was a mess and it took forever. Some of that stuff had been there since we moved the Queen 2003. Charlie called it a day at about 5:30 PM, but the Mrs. and I kept at it until 7PM. It rained for the last hour, so we were soaked completely through by the time we left. Mountains of trash were disposed of, all the wall boards, bead board, and other lumber had been stacked, sorted, and cover with tarps. Aside from the exhaustion and sore muscles, it was a good day.

Sunday was more of the same, more or less. It was a long weekend, but we go a lot finished.


Blogger Kristin said...

Hey, I needed some warped, cracked, moldy wood. ;)

12:42 PM  

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