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Synopsis: This is a cautionary tale. A seriously disturbed couple find the charming, old ruin of a Queen Anne Victorian in Russellville, Arkansas, and buy it for $1.00. They tore the roof off, cut it in half, and had it moved to some land they owned sixteen miles away because they didn't know any better. Since then, they have hired and fired contractors, had all of their tools stolen, re-wired, re-plumbed, insulated, and essentially rebuilt the entire house. Their only problem is that after four years it still isn't finished. Now they are tired, broke, and wonder what in the hell it is they've done to themselves. And, it's haunted.
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Instrument of Wrath

I came across this post yesterday. It seems timely, so here is a portion of it:

"I have to admit, for a brief second in dealing with someone the other day, I felt my blood boil and entertained violent thoughts.

Of course, I didn't do anything other than what I usually do, which is wish a sudden violent death upon him. Unfortunately, that hardly ever works.

No, because I am a peace loving man, I sought guidance from a Higher Power and offered the following prayer.

Dear Lord,

Please offer me strength to deal with your wayward child's insolence. He knows not what he does. Please grant me the serenity to deal with his dickery and restore my calm.

In the alternative, Lord, I pray that you enable me to be the instrument of Your wrath. Please guide my foot to the place that will do him the most good. In guiding my foot, I pray that my aim is true but that I don't actually break it off in his nether region when I bestow Your Divine correction. Please let my foot set him back on his path and prevent him from straying again in the future.

I hope that this is not too much to ask for, but it would be really cool if you could cause him to spontaneously combust. Or make him impotent for like ten years.



Anonymous Sean said...

Amen to that.....

10:45 AM  

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