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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Slackers, Plumbing, Psychotics, and Crown

I’m not sure what to think of last week. I spent an insane amount of time finishing my web design project (this includes spending five hours of my Saturday trying to get it uploaded with a frigging retarded FTP program). I also finished an oil painting for an art show in Russellville. That was a little disappointing. I’ve gotten much better at rendering good flesh tones, but, once I finished, I decided that I didn’t like it much anyhow. That was fairly disappointing.

We didn’t do anything on the Queen this weekend. Saturday, as mentioned, was devoted to my own personal HTML hell. Sunday, we stayed home and cleaned house. It really needed it, so it’s hard to feel bad about it.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend before:

Our newly plumbed tub (the black-gray stuff is dirt-gunk, not scratches).

Me trying it out and looking like a certifiable psychopath.

Here’s me and our friend from Springdale installing the much acclaimed toilet.

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I met in Russellville. I had to take off work to visit the bank to sign the extension papers for our fourth or fifth construction loan extension. Nice. As part of my crowd-stopping performance, I climbed onto the loan officer’s desk, dropped my pants, and pulled two-grand out of my ass. Feel the burn.

Then, since we hadn’t suffered enough at that point, we went to Lowe’s and charged several hundred dollars worth of tiles, tiling supplies, and six gallons of paint. While spending three hours at Lowe’s and sentencing my great-grandchildren up for a debtor’s prison hurt, it didn’t hurt has much as loading and unloading all of that crap.

While we were hauling 20 loads of tile into the Queen, we took some pictures of Kenny’s & Julian Electric’s work.

Crown on the living room built-ins.

Crown molding in the foyer and main hall.

Transom & door jamb for the master bathroom.

Wiring for the foyer’s sconces.

It also seems that we have a renter lined up for our current (Blue) house. That means we have about four weeks to move out & move into the Queen. Just thinking about it makes me feel very tired. And, my eye twitches too.

So, to pay for the sin of weekend-sloth, I’m heading up to the Devil Queen to scrape/sand the master bedroom ceiling. Lucky me.


Blogger Patricia W said...

That built-in is gorgeous.

2:47 PM  
Blogger JLynnette said...

Great progress! I love the built-in.

At some point it's got to get better for you guys. I'm rooting for you!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Yokel said...

That bathroom is going to look amazing! (amazinger than it already does).
Great work


3:22 AM  

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