The Devil Queen

How my wife and I sold our souls to the Queen Anne Victorian we tried to save.

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Synopsis: This is a cautionary tale. A seriously disturbed couple find the charming, old ruin of a Queen Anne Victorian in Russellville, Arkansas, and buy it for $1.00. They tore the roof off, cut it in half, and had it moved to some land they owned sixteen miles away because they didn't know any better. Since then, they have hired and fired contractors, had all of their tools stolen, re-wired, re-plumbed, insulated, and essentially rebuilt the entire house. Their only problem is that after four years it still isn't finished. Now they are tired, broke, and wonder what in the hell it is they've done to themselves. And, it's haunted.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Restless Dead

On a cold winter day last year, we drove up to the Devil Queen to work on the plumbing with Charlie. When we arrived, Charlie’s battered pickup truck was already parked in the drive. We went into the Queen to look for him. A moment later his head popped out from under the house.

“Hey! I think y’all have got haints in this house,” he said.

“Haints? Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “I was down here working on the plumbing, and I heard someone walking up and down the hallway. I thought it was y’all, but, when I came out to say
hello there was no one was here but me.”


* * *

Not too long after we’d moved into the Queen, Scarlet, Gideon, and I went out one weekend to run some errands. When we got home, I unlocked the front door and carried a couple sacks of groceries back to the kitchen. By the time I made it to the kitchen, I heard a small person’s footsteps running down the back porch, into the house, and down the main hall. This freaked me out because I thought Gideon has somehow made it onto the back porch. This porch is 5 to 7 feet off the ground and still doesn’t have railings yet, so I was terrified he’d fall off it (and wondering how the hell he’d managed to unlock it).
I dropped the groceries and ran back to the hall. The back door was closed and locked. I went out side and saw Scarlet and Gideon playing together in the sand pile. They’d been outside the entire time.

* * *

Two weeks ago, I was waiting for my wife to home from work. Monday nights, she has to work extremely late. Gideon was asleep, and I was watching Conan O’Brian. The door to the hall was shut. I had the TV turned down pretty low so it wouldn’t wake up Gideon. Around midnight, I heard a door open and close very quietly. I thought, “Wow, Scarlet’s home!” I heard light footsteps pad down the hall and turn into the master bedroom.

“Weird,” I thought. “Surely she saw the light or heard the TV. She must know that I’m in here. Maybe she needed to use the bathroom?” So, I waited. Five or ten minutes later I went to check on her. She wasn’t home. There was just a sleeping baby and I.

* * *

There have been other odd happenings too. People have heard a piano being played (we don’t have one). We’ve also heard a baby crying; when we’ve gone to check on Gideon, he was sound asleep. Sometimes were hear it when he's spending the night at his grandparents.

Sure, it’s nothing like Poltergeists, but it does make for an interesting home life. And, in case you might be wondering, these have been witnessed by people other than us too: workers, family, and friends. If this is too improbable, “impossible,” or unpalatable for you, that is okay; no hard feelings among friends.

Happy Halloween.


Blogger amanda said...

I think that the phantom footsteps are really common in old houses. I've definitely searched for Aaron all over the house when he was outside, and the dogs frequently growl at things that I cannot see or hear. We also have a door that, unless it is tightly locked with something in front of it, comes open on its own. That could be the house settling, though.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Brenda from Flatbush said...

Love your haint! I grew up in a haunted house in Little Neck, Queens. Footsteps outside, a powerful smell of flowers, the sound of breathing close by, and some cold, joy-sucking 'dark spots' on the property were among the manifestations my parents experienced. The owner's son had committed suicide many years earlier, (don't know if it was in the house or not), so we wondered about that connection. We also had some poltergeist activity--harmless pranks like turning electrical appliances on and off, swiping things and giving them back, etc. More twixt heaven and earth, etc. Loved your costume!

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're freakin' me out!

8:42 PM  

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