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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Finally, the scraping and sanding marathon has ended. I am finished. And, the stain has been rubbed on as well.

Here are a few pictures of the floor after I finished everything (scraping, sanding, vacuuming, and tack clothing).

And here is the floor after one sloppy, wet coat of stain.

And here is a riddle for you. In the picture below, one board has only been sanded, one has been sanded & scraped and the remainder have been scraped with a finish sanding with 120 grit paper. Counting from the top, there are four full boards shown in the picture (1. top board, 2. top-middle board, 3. bottom-middle board, and 4. bottom board). Can you tell a difference?

Once I finish sealing the floor, I'll post some comparison pictures our different floors. They all are made from the same batch of salvaged wood, but one was run through a plainer before it was installed & drum sanded, one was only drum sanded, and one was scraped.
Exciting, I know.

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Anonymous Julia said...

The top two look different from each other and they also look different from the bottom two. The bottom two look the same as each other. Hm did that make sense? I have no idea which would be which though because I am not a wood aficionado by any stretch of the imagination.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

Top - Sand only
Top Mid - Sand & scrape
Bot Mid and
Bottom - Sand, scrape, finish sand

That is just a guess. The finished floor looks beautiful. Is this the master bath?

6:38 AM  
Blogger C-A said...

I'm not even going to try and guess but the floor looks amazing!

9:55 AM  
Blogger John said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I want appologize for the"quiz." I reread it and found it a bit confusing. To answer y'alls questions:

Julia, yes you made sense.

Kathy, thanks, and this is the laundry room/mud room/ spare bath.

C-A, thanks!

The answers are in a more recent post.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Felicia said...

I actually like the top one best...isn't that the least amount of work? Yeah me!

11:00 AM  

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