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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Marvel of Modern Science: Stain Resistant Wood Putty!

One of the great marvels of the modern world is stain resistant wood putty. You want to draw some extra attention to the enormous screw or nail holes in that special project of yours? Use Elmer’s Carpenter Wood Putty!

This putty sucks if you’re planning to stain your wood. This picture was taken after we stained everything (including the putty).

We were not impressed.

Thanks to a tip I picked up from Gary, I doctored these two spots with oil paint. My wife picked out some yellow ocher, and it worked extremely well.

Here is my oil paint of choice, Sennelier. In case you’re wondering what makes this particular brand of paint special besides its French name, it is the paint is made with pure pigment and safflower oil. There are no “fillers” (weird, non-natural chemical compounds) which gives you good color, and the safflower oil (unlike linseed oil) does not yellow.

As you may have noticed, we have a huge tub of this non-staining wood putty. What will we do with it? I think it’ll work beautifully on the outside of the Devil Queen. We have to patch the plugs where the insulation was blown-in, and this stuff should vanish once we’re finished painting.


Blogger Chris and Mandy said...

Great tip with the oil paint - thanks! - I have the same problem at the moment. Even the so-called stainable puttys stubbornly cling to their own colour. Very irritating. I now have four tubs of different branded putties all with one little dollop taken out of them.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Sean said...

I use the Minwax wood putty and it seems to take stain decently. I also tried the Elmer's wood putty and hated it - it also gums up the sandpaper when you try and smooth it out. Horrible stuff.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Allison said...

Oh no!!! If only y!ou'd read my entry on
#$%!@ wood putty
. I had the *exact* same terrible experience with the same brand of putty. Sounds like material for a class action lawsuit if you ask me...

10:17 AM  
Blogger Gary said...


Try mixing the oil paint into the wood putty to get a color darker than the wood. Burnt umber works good. It will take a day or two to dry properly but works fine. I have gone through several tubs of the Elmers this way.
Maybe you are supposed to mix the stain with stainable putty. I've never tried it but you can....

5:29 PM  
Blogger John said...

Allison, I wish I had. I went back and looked at your blog; I read the post immedately before and after but somehow missed the wood putty one in the middle. That's what I get for not reading it every single day. I'm a very bad man.

Gary, thanks for the tip about premixing the paint with the putty. I think I'll try to find our tin full of oil based wood putty (where the hell ever it went); we used it on some stained trim and it worked like a charm.

6:23 AM  
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