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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In case you’re looking for some motivation to tackle your next big project, here is a little something for you. According to something I recently read (sorry, forgot where), demons like to haunt dirty, rundown and preferably abandoned homes. Tearing out that shag carpet and repainting the bedroom might be more than aesthetically pleasing, it might be a form of exorcism as well. There is nothing more satisfying that killing two birds with one stone, right?

Here at the Devil Queen, we have a new addition to our un-holy menagerie. A couple weeks ago it took up permanent residence in our laundry room. The light bulb burned out at roughly the same time and I just haven't worked up enough nerve to venture back there to replace it. In fact, I try not go back there at all. Why? What is so terrifying that even I refuse to tread there? This.

Can you see the little bastard mocking me from just inside the doorway? Don't be fooled, it may look exactly like a brand new, front loading washing machine, but it's not! It is a large, well formed plumbing demon.

Late at night I can hear it whispering to me. "John, you know you want to wash your socks. I could do such a good job if you'd just give me a chance. Just connect me to the waterlines, plug me in, and give me a spin. John? Are you listening John? I'm so lonely back here. John…" It just goes on and on for hours. I can't hardly stand it.

And the worst part is that I really want to hook it up now, but I'm spooked. I'm not sure if my mojo is strong enough to even attempt a simple plumbing job like this. Why the fear, the shame, the torment? Experience has proven to me that plumbing, no matter how simple it may appear, is actually simple. Plumbing is the Devil, and I'm not sure if I'm in good enough with the Good Lord to put my everlasting soul in peril. I doubt.

Ready or not, I have a feeling that this fallen angel will have to be wrestled with sooner rather than later. I guess I better see if I can find some holy water and a few good stakes on the way home tonight.

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Anonymous davidLBC said...

Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode with the demonic slot machine chasing the guy around and croaking "Franklin...Franklin". It had a glowing round eye just like your new washer.

Seriously, plug it in and fill it with holy water. You're gonna love it. I have one of the early model Duets and it's great. Very quiet. Hypnotizing. Mesmerizing. Wait... this thing is demonic. How can it clean with so little water? Maybe you should build an outhouse for it to be safe. You have a small child.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Plumbing IS the devil. Here at the tincan paradise we are knowing that devil a little too intimately.

Nobody should EVER be reduced to using the ButtBucket(TM).

10:37 AM  
Blogger John said...

David, holy water, check. Outhouse, not a bad idea but I'll risk it without one. Small child, hidden far away at an undisclosed location.

Jenn, I saw your comment over at the Emery Restoration. That is just so wrong. I hope they resolve your septic problem ASAP!

9:01 AM  

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