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How my wife and I sold our souls to the Queen Anne Victorian we tried to save.

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Synopsis: This is a cautionary tale. A seriously disturbed couple find the charming, old ruin of a Queen Anne Victorian in Russellville, Arkansas, and buy it for $1.00. They tore the roof off, cut it in half, and had it moved to some land they owned sixteen miles away because they didn't know any better. Since then, they have hired and fired contractors, had all of their tools stolen, re-wired, re-plumbed, insulated, and essentially rebuilt the entire house. Their only problem is that after four years it still isn't finished. Now they are tired, broke, and wonder what in the hell it is they've done to themselves. And, it's haunted.
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Press: Russellville Courier Article - December 2003, HGTV website article, AP story - October 2006, and Victorian Homes Magazine - February 2008 (link coming soon).
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Devil Queen Art

Evil is inescapable. Here are two more oil sketches of our infernal mistress.

This one was the first oil sketch in the series. For those of you with an eye for art, you might notice how repressed the brush work is in this one. Anal retentive repression is hard to shake. This is the side window & the view in my son’s room to be.

And, the one I finished Monday night. It was a bit of a challenge because of the weather. It is odd mixing paints in the rain as the water beads up on top of the oils. The colors are actually a bit darker in life; the flash brightened them some.

Once again, contact me if you want them.


Blogger amanda said...

They're gorgeous. Would you consider pimping yourself out to do the same sort of work from photographs of other housebloggers homes? Or would that not fit in with the overall project that you're doing the oil sketches for?

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Brenda from Flatbush said...

Pretty feisty brushwork for an allegedly anal-retentive artist! Gorgeous, actually!

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Angus said...

John, it's great to see you doing these quick studies.
The time limit you put on yourself is good, it's the best way to loosen oneself up. I know my best work happenend the same way. No time for analretentivity. There's a lot more freedom and energy and feeling in these latest pieces than some of your earlier stuff I saw when I first found your site.

Yeah, the one looking out the window shows a bit uncertainty in the brush strokes, but hey, it was the first one. My first works after a while look like absolute shite - alot worse than that.

I really like the framing of the scene in the second one (with the edge of the house).

Keep it up (for those of us who just have no time more to make art). I'm glad you're finding, no - making - the time to keep painting!

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Angus said...

And I'm glad to see you using OIL. So many people use acrylic for everything these days. :)

12:53 AM  
Blogger John said...

Thanks everyone!

Amanda, I'l send you an email. Let me know what you think.


I know exactly what you mean about looking at your old stuff; my favorite piece is usually whatever I've done most recently.

I was training mostly in watercolors; picking up oils was a real challenge. I've painted some with acrylics and they aren't nearly as much fun as oil. There is a huge difference.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

They are gorgeous! I'm with Amanda, and wonder if you would paint other homes as well?

9:44 AM  

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